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Tai-Ji Quan Yang Style

Taiji Quan has always been known as the most efficient practice in health improvement. It has been revealed to the public only in the 20th century. Since then it has been considered as the best Martial Qi gong to maintain health. As this style has been founded on the theory of the Yi Jing (book of change) which defines the laws of transformation of Yin and Yang, considered as the key to the understanding of the Dao (the natural way).  Throughout Chinese history, harmonizing these two polarities has always been the ultimate goal in daily practices. It's in this harmony where lies the secret of longevity.
Yang style is the softest Taiji Quan, we can trace its origin back to the Chen family who practiced Chen style Taiji Quan known for being a harder Style. The history of Yang style starts with Yang Lu Chan (1799-1872) when he traveled to learn Taiji Quan in Chen Jia Gou in the Henan province with the Chen family. Despite the humiliations and exclusion for being an outsider,  he was not discouraged and kept practicing hard till he became the best student of his generation and was later known as Yang the invincible (Yang Wu di). He would rarely injure his opponents and would usually neutralize their force to defeat them. 
Yang style is now one of the most popular Taiji style, through history it has been modified many times by its inheritors. These modifications had different purposes, some of the masters would focus more on the health aspects, and others more traditionalists would keep the focus on the martial aspect of the practice.
In Meshkah, Yang style is taught traditionally (including the martial aspect of the Art). Practicing Taiji quan as explained above boosts the circulation of Qi in the body. The most important factor to make this flow increase is the intention generated by the mind. The more focused the mind, the more flowing the Qi is in the body. This means that when a practitioner knows exactly what is the meaning of each move (Martial application) then the benefits of the arts start to appear.
In conclusion, we may say that Taiji health benefits were primarily a consequence of a strong Qi flow, led by a very focused mind, during the execution of a specific martial move. However the health aspect is not the main point... Therefore, ignoring the martial aspect of Taiji Quan is litteraly turning this heritage into dust...


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