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C.L.M Tit Tar 

Tit Dar is one of the chapters in Traditional Chinese Médecine and is considered a bone setting  or «Zheng gu» / 正骨 (Correcting Bones) technique used for thousands of years
On one side it grew in the Martial Arts community because of the numerous injuries caused in training “Da”(hit), and on the other hand the day to day possible physical accidents “Tit” (fall). it is very complementary when doing a TCE healing treatment or just for prevention. 
The method includes its proper manual techniques and philosophy which consists on realigning the main joints and bones of the body in a certain order to restore the body’s energy flow and promotes healing. This is very essential in Tit Da because no matter the injury, the patient will still receive a full body treatment. 
From the western world perspective this bone setting technique is considered “structural” and concerns only the musculoskeletal issues. 
By structural it means that it is primarily concerned with the structural integrity of the body and the realigning of the bones and joints which could be misaligned because of accidents and injury.
The term structural has unfortunately been misinterpreted in our society and considered “Invasive” because of the nature of the manual techniques used in Bone Setting in general, usually resulting into a “Crack” or “pop”.
More over there are other bone setting techniques in TCE and in other fields such as in some lineages in osteopathy that are considered “Functional”. 
Functional techniques are focusing on improving the function of the musculoskeletal system by taking into account the body’s movement patterns and how they can be affected by musculoskeletal dysfunctions. The goal would be to restore the natural movement patterns of the body. This would include manual techniques and exercices.
In Tit Da the techniques used to realign are based on traditional martial arts “internal power” extériorisation skills call “Fa Jin” or “sending the power”. This pulse is sent to the joint for it to open and realign the bones. This could result into a sound (crack) or no sound.
Rooted in the Chinese traditional philosophy we consider the force or “Jin” emitted by the practitioner followed by his breathing during the manipulation creates an open empty space inside of the joint to inspire it to realign by it self …
So no matter how impressive it looks from outside, Tit Dar remain one of the marvelous traditional Chinese Internal Arts.
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