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           Muay Boran (Ancient Boxing)  Is a traditional Thai martial art, based on the principles and customs of Thai culture. This old art of hand to hand fighting was used in the old times to protect one's self, family, and country. Like any other traditional martial art, Muay Boran is a path which leads to the discovery of our inner self : from our deepest weaknesses and fears, to our deepest inner force. This is why the training follows the traditional way, where every student will need to master each stance and step before learning the martial techniques

            Muay Chaiya is one of the four styles of the Muay Boran which was practiced in a town called Chaiya, in the Surathani province, close to the south of Thailand. This style was brought to the south by a soldier from the Thai army in Bangkok called Tan Mar. This soldier went to Chaiya to become a monk in the temple of Wat Tung Jab Chang. At that time the Chaiya style was the only hand to hand way practiced in the army, which explains it's effectiveness in the most dangerous situations. It is also called "The School of the Durian" which is a spiky fruit considered as the "king of fruits" in Asia. These spikes symbolize, the sharp and spiky parts of our body like the knees and elbows which we train untill they turn into solid spear points. which are used against the opponent. There is no specific age to learn, anyone can learn Muay Chaiya, its only master today is Kru Lek in the Baan Chang Thai in Bangkok.

​Muay Thai Chaiya demonstration by master Krulek, who is testing the defensive skills of his advanced student Tae, and inviting the public to get involved...

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