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​Wing Tsun Kung Fu is one of the most famous southern Chinese martial arts, known for its high efficiency in combat.
It is a full intelligent system, which teaches each practitioner to use their mind and body through the practice of visual and tactile reflexes. Wing Tsun's moves are taught to be natural, fluid, fast, and efficient. This allows you to adapt to any kind of attacks like an unstoppable wave of water crashing, and absorbing everything on its way.
It is a great way to win a fight without the use of any kind of brutal strength, which makes it a very efficient self-defence system, and accessible to anyone who wishes to learn. The only thing needed is a good will and intention to keep on practicing.
As a martial art, it is a path which guides us to know more about our own mental/physical limits and how to surpass them.
The training is mainly divided  into the following areas :

Forms :  teaches the fundamentals of the style

Chi Sao : Or sticking hands, a typical exercise in Wing Tsun where the practitioner learns to master their tactile reflexes, and "fill the gaps" of the opponent like water.

Reflex drills and applications: These drills prepare the practitioner to be instinctively ready to execute the Wing Tsun techniques naturally without thinking. We train applications where we learn and study different situations and how to apply the techniques to be ready for any kind of free fight.

At an advanced Wing Tsun level, the practitioner starts training with the Wooden Dummy (Mok Yan Jong/Mu Ren Zhuang) and the two weapons of Wing Tsun, in order to perfect all their techniques, and to push the understanding of the style further.

The wooden dummy form includes all the 3 fundamental forms  "Siu Nim Tao, Cham Kiu, and Piu Zhi" on the steps of the Plum Blossom form.

The two weapons of Wing Tsun are the long pole (Luk Dim Bun Gwan/ Liu Dian Ban Gun) and the double knives (Baat Jam Do/ Ba Zhan Dao)

The Teachings are in accordance with the International Academy of Wing Tsun Kung Fu (A.I.W.T.K.F), under the direction of Sifu Klaus Flickinger.


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