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Wudang Five Animals Qi Gong
Based on 5 animals postures : Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, snake, crane, this ancient taoist exercice helps you to improve the internal and external health.
Postures improve the Qi circulation and the functions of the 5 organs: Kidneys, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Heart.
These organs are not only the sources of the body's internal Qi, but are also related to the mind's emotions. When the 5 internal organs are in harmony, the body becomes resistant to the external "toxic qi" or Xieqi 邪氣, and the mind's excess of emotions can be stabilized thus guiding the practitioner to be more relaxed and focused.
Moreover this Qi gong helps to energize the tendons, muscles, ligaments and joints, by emproving the the blood and Qi circulation, which helps the get stronger and rejuvenate.
Tai-ji Qi Gong 
This branch of Qi gong is a great exercice to improve one’s health, but practically it is the preparation to build internal foundation for the Taiji Quan practice. There are mainly 4 goals to these exercices :
- Naturally the most important, is to help you feel (body) and comprehend (mind) the Qi. The faster and deeper you get there, the easier and more relaxed movements become, which frees your mind from the execution of the move and allows you to focus on regulating your breathing strategies, mind and spirit.
- It teaches you how to lead the Qi from the Dantian to the limbs, and from the limbs back to the Dantian, and getting used to it. This process helps the mind lead the Qi (Yi Yi Ying Qi) anywhere in your body till it becomes a natural reflex.
- After practicing for a while, the Qi flow in your Channels will increase, which will help them open, this process harmonises and cleans your body’s energy. This is the key to a healthy body.
- finally it allows you to relax the deep muscles surrounding the internal organs, and enables these to receive the right quantity and quality of required energy.


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