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Abdelraheem Mohammed, born in Cairo (Egypt) 1992, is a Martial Artist and a Contemporary Dancer. He started his Kung fu practice at the age of ten. In 2012, he joined the three-years full time program for professional dancers at Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) where he continued his martial arts trajectory through the consistent Shaolin classes with Sihing Taha Hassouna that where part of the program.

Afterwards, he enrolled in the full-time intensive program for martial arts at Meshkah School, taking part of its 1st full-time program launched in 2018. At Meshkah, Abdelraheem studied six different styles: Qigong, Taiji quan, Shaolin, Wing tsun, Muay Chaiya and Eskrima Maranga.

On March 2020, Abdelraheem got his certificate from Meshkah Martial Arts hall 武馆 (Wu Guan) as Martial Arts instructor at and continued to deepen his knowledge through Traditional Chinese Medicine studies that he started on October 2020.

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