Starting this season, new payment modalities will be applied, so please check the pricing chart below carefully .
Note that the prices below concerns the second term only: January - June 2021.  
If you have any question please contact us here.
Meshkah is a School of life where commitment is key for the transmission of knowledge. Therefore starting from the 20th of September 2020, we will offer a Membership option for those who want to commit to Meshkah, which offers many advantages to those who seek to learn on a more regular basis.




     (click on the style you want to book)


Muay Chaiya                                           200 EGP / Per Class


Shaolin or Wing Tsun                           170 EGP / Per Class

- Can Join anytime

- Pre-booking required

- Limited Capacity in Open Classes

- No Access to Morning styles

Requires the Meshkah Season Membership

- Reduced Tarifs


- No Pre-booking Required

- Access Priority





1 Style   : Taiji Quan or Qigong 
- 4400 EGP if paid Upfront   
- 4800 EGP if paid on 3 instalments 


2 Styles : Taiji Quan + Qi Gong    

- 8800 EGP Upfront
- 9680 EGP/ 3 instalments


Taiji or Qigong: 200 EGP ​per class

1 Style: Shaolin or Muay Chaiya or WingTsun   
6600 EGP if paid Upfront 

- 7260 EGP if paid on 3 instalments

2 Styles : Shaolin/Muay Chaiya/WT             
11200 EGP Upfront

- 12320 EGP / 3 instalments

3 Styles : Morning + Evening             
15000 EGP Upfront

16500 EGP / 3 instalments

Meshkah Membership        500 EGP / Season

All Subscriptions are per semester: 

- Second semester starts on 10th of January 2021 till 30 of june 2021

  **Please check out the Meshkah calendar in the schedule section before purchasing a membership plan.**

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