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Mohamed El Deeb entered the world of martial arts when he started training Karate atthe age of 13. In 2019, he returned to martial arts, this time joining Meshkah’s full time program, which he completed in July 2022.
For martial arts enthusiasts, he has extensive knowledge to share covering the followingstyles: Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, Shaolin Quan, Muay Chaiya, Wing Tsun and Eskrima. He also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine completing S.F.E.R.E’s 2 year course offered at Meshkah.
Deeb is also a Hip-Hop MC and producer and is considered one of the pioneers who introduced Hip-Hop to Egypt. He plays local live shows and tours the world with his music. Kung Fu and Hip-Hop have very similar values and traditions; they are both forms of expression, physical and verbal.
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