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Mariam Abdel-Gawad is a student of nature first. She seeks knowledge from nature. She learns from teachers who have sought and learned a lot from nature and are transmitting their knowledge generously. Mariam is  a Martial artist and a Traditional Chinese energetics practitioner, second. Through these two practices she has learned ways to help students and patients to listen and understand their bodies better as well as harmonize their body-mind relationship. Mariam has attended the teachings of Sifu Klaus Flikinger and Sifu Julian Jünmann from AIWTKF. She has also attended workshops under the direction of Mr.Regis Blin (Co-director) SFERE, which have enlarged her passion for Traditional Chinese Energetics. These practices come from a long line of traditional lineages; traditions that have learned the ways of nature  and have been passing up the light from one generation to another. Mariam graduated in 2021 first generation (Ox) from Meshkah Martial Arts school under the teachings of Sihing Taha Hassouna who has humbly passed on a light for each student to find their own path(s). She has been teaching and practicing  since 2019 under his guidance; she continues to renew her knowledge in both practices to this day, for it is a well with no end- as is nature.
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