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Taha was born  on 5th of May, 1986 in Paris. His passion for martial arts began after watching the movie "The Karate Kid" at the age of six, making him start Shotokan Karate and then Aikido a couple of years later.
More fascinated by the philosophy than the techniques, he kept martial arts at the back of his mind until the age of fifteen when he decided to re-enter the path, but this time mentally and physically. He then joined the Shooting Club Taekwondo Team in Cairo to train  under Coach Mohamed Abd el Alim for two years.

In 2003; he joined his father in Guinea for his last year of school. He started traning traditional southern gong fu intensively with Master Afia Bangoura, Guinean "ranger" army special unit, Master Sako, and Master Pierrot​.

After finishing school, he had to choose between following reason and studying graphic design, or following his heart and continuing his martial arts quest. He knew somehow that once lit, this kind of inner flame would be hard to extinguish.

After  two years of training in China, in the very roots of the Shaolin way of life, filled with knowledge, understanding, coincidences, deceptions, surprises and finally, breakthough he felt like a thick piece of fresh clay ready to be shaped .​

By the end of 2006, Taha started his studies in Aix-Marseille University , and obtained a   Chinese language and civilisation degree further deepening his passion for chinese culture.​

In the meantime, he kept training hard with many skillfull masters of martial arts starting with Fabrice Payen  who introduced him to the ancient art of Muay Thai Chaiya. It was a big discovery for him. The style seemed effective and smart and had all the traditional basics needed for a perfect transmission. It was an important matter to him since  many fundamentals of the old styles have been lost in modern times.​

As far as Chaiya is concerned it wasn't like in China where he had to search, find and adapt to training. But he felt as if he has been practicing this art since the day he was born. He trained intensivley with Fabrice  until he became his assistant.
They promoted Muay Chaiya all over France, organizing seminars, participating in the Internationnal Martial Art French Festival of Bercy. They also got selected by Westside Company to appear in the special features of the movie "Boxers" (Muay Thai Chaiya). After meeting master Krulek in the Baanchangthai school in Bangkok, Thailand, he became the head teacher of Muay Thai Chaiya in France.​

Another style of martial arts where he found beautiful teachings was "Wing Tsun" in the AIWTKF (Academy International de Wingtsun Kung Fu) school under Sifu Julian Jünemann. Once again, there was finally someplace where we could find solid traditional basics, guaranteeing a proper transmission of one of the most famous southern styles in China.​

He thinks that even if Wing Tsun was classified in the "external styles", it is an excellent taoist path to discover how we can be effective and inspired by softness, like water (Bruce Lee's "Be water my friend" made much more sense now!). In the end of 2012 he received the monitor certificate for Wing Tsun Kung Fu.​

Moreover, during his trainings in the parks of the south of France, Taha had the chance to meet other great martial artists who prefered to stay away from the spotlight, for their own reasons. One of them being Master Philipe Réus in Bagua Zhang style or "palms of the eight trigrams" from the Chen Youlong and Fan Fenglan (Alias Fa Dangu) lineage. He learnt a lot on martial arts from this great tradition keeper.​

In 2008 Taha found a Traditional Chinese Energetics school, and decided to study traditional chinese energetics for four years. It took only one class for him to discover his hidden passion for therapy. During these four years he studied many beautifull things which completley changed his perception of  the human body and its environment. Step by step,  while the therapy world was unfolding in front of him, Taha developed a real interest in the functioning of the human mind. During a healing session, he had an intuitive feeling about studying hypnosis, thinking that it would respond to many of his unanswered questions in therapy. It didn't take more than reading fifteen pages in a book (Traité pratique de l'hypnose: La suggestion indirecte en hypnose clinique. Editions Jacques Grancher, 23 Février 2006, 465 pp.), and that intuition was confirmed. It was exactly what he was looking for. He then studied hypnotherapy  intensively for two years in different schools, discovering once again, the beauty and richness of the human mind.

During his training, Taha dreamt of a place where he could find, on one hand authentic teachings, and on the other hand the right environment to establish safe and healthy training. He didn't understand why it was still hard today to find both in the same place. Places were either luxurious with unfounded information, or authentic teachings in very harsh places. He understood later why, when he saw many students believing that good teachings had to be in secret places, or that they had to make crazy sacrifices to learn something true, moreover he saw masters who would keep their knowledge to themselves thinking there were no worthy students. All these beliefs directly nourished a trend leading to the loss of many great teachings.​

Taha was convinced that with the right intention and the right move, it was possible to turn this dream into reality and build a place where the different traditional arts could be passed down honestly. Where masters are welcome to give lectures about their teachings, where students could train  properly without worrying about their health and where we could find a big library with many resources for the students - a heaven for martial arts like the Shaolin temple was for hundreds of years before it burnt down.​

After getting the permission of his masters, Taha decided to go back to his homeland to share the knowledge he got along his journey and thus created MESHKAH (Meaning lantern in arabic, symbolizing the light which guides the spiritual path).
A place where everyone could light their inner flame and shine!

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