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Ahmed is an Engineer, Builder, Coach, and Martial Artist. Graduated with a B.Sc in Computer Engineering and later a Career in Renewable Energy. It was no wonder that Ahmed found so much familiarity and love for the Chinese arts.
Ahmed began his journey with Martial arts in 2016 where he met Taha Hasouna, at Nun center in Zamalek. He has been a student of Taha ever Since.
Ahmed joined and graduated form the first fulltime program in Meshkah, 2017-2020. He has been teaching various martial arts at the school since 2020. In 2021 he has been certified as a Wing Tsun Moniteur from the A.I.W.T.K.F In 2022 Ahmed joined the NLP Academy to be certified as an NLP Coach and Practioner, and is currently undergoing examinations to be certified as a Qigong therapist in Traditional Chinese Energetics, under the tutelage of S.F.E.R.E Colledge.
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