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          Meshkah is a Martial Arts hall 武馆 (Wu Guan) where all the Martial Arts styles are traditional. 
The mission of Meshkah is to preserve the traditions of Martial Arts and to assure its transmission to the next generations. 
Meshkah will prevent any kind of style mixing, in that way every style is taught independently with it’s own structure according to it’s own lineage. 
We believe that each student (lamp) has a unique inner flame ready to shine.
In Order to reach it, the students will have to dedicate time and effort (功夫 Gong fu) to nourish two different aspects of themselves :

- The external aspect related to the structure of the lamp: Body
- The internal aspect related to the function of the lamp which is to enlighten : Mind 

We will continue to refine the knowledge by seeking updates and  lead research in the Martial Arts world widely. 
Meshkah is also a healing space where we intend to offer different alternative holistic healing therapy techniques
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