Angélique was born and raised in France between Paris and Marseille. Showing a tremendous passion for dance at an early age, Angelique quickly became sensitive to the energy,  the aesthetics and the culture of Street dances.
Fascinated more precisely by the Hip-Hop social dances also known as “Party Rock “, she then dedicated a lot of time practicing and learning mainly from pioneers of the different styles ( Henri Link ( Elite Force ), Buddha Stretch ( Elite Force), Poppin Pete ( Electric Boogaloos ), Brian ‘Footwork’ Green, Tony Gogo, P.lock, Galargaza Violeta ( KR3TS), Eva Schou, Brigitte Auligine…)
Since 2006 she tested her skills in numerous competitions in which she had substantial successes*.
Now established in Cairo and being the Co-founder of Meshkah center  her focus now, is to spread the Hip-Hop culture.
*[2012 : 1st place UDO France(United Dance Organisation) - Arawak Corp - ;
2nd place "TRUE SCHOOL dance competition (Marseille) -Arawak Corp-;
5th place "HHI (Hip-Hop international)" South of France with - Arawak Corp
2011 : Got through the preselection of China got talent (Wuhan - China)
2010 : 1st place " Wenhuajie's hip-hop competition" (Wuhan - China)
2009 : 3rd place of the "We can dance summer event" hosted by David colas and Brigitte Auligine
2008 : 2nd place of the "French National Dance Federation" with "Tornades 13"


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